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There's no question as to why implementing accounting software is beneficial to any business. At a glance, the right software can help you:

 Free up time, money & resource

 Automate the tax filing process

Remove unnecessary paperwork

Mitigate the risk of human error

With so many benefits, it's no surprise that accounting software is a highly competitive market. But in such a saturated market, how can you choose the best accounting software for your business?

We can save you time and money by providing a bespoke, no-obligation shortlist of the top finance providers for your business. 

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Top 4 Accounting Software Providers 2018

To put it simply: the software solutions of today are designed to make life easier for you. Not only will they help you with taxes, but they can also overlook the day-to-day management of your business finances, such as bookkeeping, reporting tools, monitoring your cash flow, invoices, and payroll.

Gone are the days of buying new versions of software whenever they come out; monthly subscriptions now install updates immediately available to access. You also don't need to worry about your software complying with ever-changing rules and regulations - automatic updates ensure you are always kept up-to-date with the latest changes.

A cloud solution provides remote access to users, so all they need is a web browser and login details to access. From anywhere, your finance team can raise an invoice or process payments and expenses, making you and your employees lives much easier.


Xero has been designed with small companies, start-ups or growing businesses in mind. Xero now has built up a user base of 253,000 in the UK after being founded in 2006.

Xero is a cloud solution, allowing businesses to easily track transactions, check account details and view cash flow from any device with an internet connection.
The solution has robust accounting features and had been designed on a double entry accounting framework. 

It has particularly strong online payment options which will ensure you are on top of your finances and spend. For example, the solution lets you schedule outgoing payments so you never miss a due date, which keeps your suppliers happy and maintains good relationships with them. 

When it comes to incoming payments, Xero takes away the need for you to chase unpaid invoices with automated notifications and reminders. This saves you both time and money, and you can direct your focus elsewhere in your business.

Bank reconciliation is simple with Xero and gives you an oversight of your cashflow in real time. Bank transactions are all automatically imported and categorised making it easier and quicker to sign off on spending decisions, including staff expenses.

Your financial team can manage expenses, review and approve receipts easily and on-the-go through mobile. You can have unlimited users meaning all staff can submit expenses online, and the software can be integrated with over 600 support systems – Curve, Receipt Bank and Vend. 

When it comes to tracking, Xero’s features are quite limited - it has only two tracking categories and doesn’t allow for tracking across various companies or countries. 

Xero is based off a subscription model where companies pay a monthly fee for the basic version. Add-ons can be purchased on top of the subscription, for example more advanced time tracking and financial tracking. 

A 30-day free trial is available to get used to the software, it’s features and usability before you make any commitments. After you decide to go ahead with Xero, you can choose from 3 subscription models based on your business size and need: Xero Starter, Xero Standard and Xero Premium.

  • Xero Starter costs £10 per month and allows you a total of 5 invoices and quotes per month, 5 bills, and 20 bank reconciliation transactions. It doesn’t support payroll features.
  • Xero Standard costs £22 per month and offers unlimited billing, invoicing, bank reconciling and quotes. Payroll features are free for the first 5 employees for 6 months, then costs £5 after and for any additional people to be added it costs £1 per month.
  • Xero Premium costs £27.50 per month and offers the same features as Xero Standard with the additional capability of multiple currency support.

Intuit QuickBooks
QuickBooks is another accounting software that is tailored for small businesses or those who are self-employed.


QuickBooks also has a dashboard feature, making sure you see key information as soon as you log in. For example, mileage trackers and cashflow statements show you what you are due or have paid in the last month.

The solution offers strong reporting and analysis features, invoicing and payroll support in addition to double-entry accounting. 

With QuickBooks, every day processes are simplified for you. It automatically categorises income and expenses – saving you time.

The software is updated regularly to address issues and improve the user experience, for example, one of the biggest updates recently added a project management feature in response to user-feedback.

It also provides many features traditional software does not have, including split transactions, invoice scheduling, automated sales receipts and location categories.

Despite being a software with an array of different features, users have stated QuickBooks mobile version doesn’t compare to the desktop version as it isn’t as user-friendly.

QuickBooks pricing structure is like that of Xero, it has a 3-tier system for small and medium business owners: Self-Employed, Essentials and Plus.

Self-Employed package costs £6/ month and is targeted at small businesses. It allows a simple way of tracking expenses, income and creating invoices.

Essentials costs £15/month and provides businesses with the features for self-assessments, payment handling and reporting. 

Plus is the most advanced package and comes in at £25/month. It includes all features of Self-Employed and Essentials, with the add-on of inventory management features and contract generation.

Zoho Books
Zoho Books is another online accounting software targeted to small business owners. It is an easy to use, flexible solution and has many bookkeeping features including project tracking, inventory management sales and expenses. 

The solution lets you manage all accounting and financial activities from one platform. This streamlines your businesses everyday administrative processes and allows you more time to focus on driving business elsewhere.

Zoho Books gives you reminders when payments are due, and these can be accessed by all staff from any location – allowing you to process an outstanding bill from any location. 

The solution also helps you organise the tasks and projects going on in your team. This helps you gain an oversight of everything that needs to be done, and ensures tasks and projects are completed on time and monitored.

Zoho Books also provide online support and training through online tutorials and guides, instant messenger and email. This helps your team keep on top of features and updates and ensures you are getting the most out of your software.

Zoho Books is quite limited in its customisation options: reports cannot be easily customised or integrated with payroll features. Additionally, its user-access permissions are not easily established. 

Zoho Books offers a 14-day free trial which users can then subscribe to one of 3 monthly payment options: Basic Plan, Standard Plan and a Professional Plan. 

The basic plan costs £6 per month and has a limit of 50 contacts, one user and an accountant. It allows invoices to be generated, expense management and timesheets to be tracked. 

The standard plan costs £12 per month and has a limit of 500 contacts, one user and one accountant. It offers the same benefits as the basic plan with the addition of bills, reporting tags and purchase approval features. 

The professional plan comes in at £18 per month and offers unlimited contacts and ten users including accountants. It adds purchase orders, sales orders, inventory tracking and a custom domain to its offering.

Sage 50c Premium Accounting

Sage 50c is a powerful solution for small to medium sized businesses. It is cloud-based and has been designed to be used primarily on desktop.


A major benefit of Sage50c is it is a powerful accounting solution with a broad range of features, usability and brilliant customisability.
The software has in-depth documentation and offers online support in addition to professional advisers.

As a cloud-based solution, businesses can access their solution and financial reports from anywhere without having to go into Sage 50. The solution offers automated back-ups, and any errors in data entry can be undone by restoring previous versions of a document. 

Sage released an iOS compatible app but has so far failed to release an app for Android users – meaning the app would not be available on a number of tablets.

Sage 50c offers 3 three options depending on a company’s needs.

Sage 50c Essential is a simple solution targeted at small businesses and costs £20 per month. It allows up to two users and its features include cashflow, income, expenses and payment management. It also offers secure cloud access and backups.

The Sage 50c Standard plan costs £60 per month and allows up to two users, 10 companies and is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. It also offers features for tracking and managing stock. 

The Professional plan costs £125 per month and is a powerful solution with an array of features. Access is provided to over 20 users and an unlimited number of companies.

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