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Data is one of your most valuable assets, and keeping that data secure is absolutely essential. But how do you make sure you select the right Cloud partner?

We can save you time and money by providing a bespoke, no-obligation shortlist of the top Cloud providers for your business. 

Our service is completely free of charge, and helps you remain anonymous whilst shopping around! 

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SAS partner with 1,200 software providers in the UK & we're confident we can match you to the best Cloud provider!

Types of Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud

Cloud service managed externally and delivered over the internet

Lower cost

Reliable and compliant

No to little maintenance

Easier to access and share data

Highly scalable

Private Cloud

Used by only one organisation

Most likely used by large enterprises with sensitive data 

Available on-premise and externally hosted

Customizable for your business needs Greater security

Hybrid Cloud

Combination of private and public clouds

Offers the advantages of both

Data & applications can be transferred between public and private

Customisable to your business needs


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