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Document Management Solutions

Implementing a Document Management system not only provides document storage, back-up and data protection; but also provides the platform for dynamic workflows, collaboration and higher efficiency than ever before! 

But how do you make sure you select the right solution?

We can save you time and money by providing a bespoke, no-obligation shortlist of the top Cloud providers for your business. 

Our service is completely free of charge, and helps you remain anonymous whilst shopping around! 

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Hosting Options

Cloud Hosted

Software is hosted by provider and acccessible anywhere with an internet connection

Cost-effective with a monthly-fee based on the number of users

Scalable and has ability to add additional features easily

Provider handles all software updates and maintenance

Data is automatically backed-up

IT resource aren't required to install or maintain software


Stored on company's own servers

Greater control of system

Server size limits the volume of documents stored

Large upfront cost - one-time cost based on number of users and potential for license fee per user

Yearly software updates - can be at an additional expensive

Requires back-up system in place

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